Affordable Rolex Watches For New Collectors

Nowadays it’s a trend all across the world to collect watches as some pursue it as their hobby and others are into the profession of being a collector of rare and expensive watches. People are also fantasized towards collecting all expensive or famous brand watches.

One such brand is Rolex, which has gained its position as one of the most expensive and also most renowned brands across the world. Collecting watches from this brand would not affect many of the rich people’s pockets. But it does affect the pockets of new Rolex collectors.

Here are four affordable Rolex watches for new collectors, which they can buy for their casket.

  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual

affordable rolex watches

Rolex has released it premium version of Oyster concept, which looks much classier and will certainly suit perfectly for business people. Oyster Perpetual has also given the best technology for Rolex in terms of specification and also the styling with its sleek and light design. It is also considered as one of the affordable choices in the range of Rolex.

  • Rolex Date Just II

affordable rolex watches

Rolex Date is a watch, which can be flaunted with both formals as well as on casuals. It defines versatility and is the perfect Rolex design, which makes a bold statement. It has also been awarded as one of the best chronometer designs. It is also one of the affordable time pieces that one can afford for their watch collection.

  • Rolex Explorer

affordable rolex watches

Rolex Explorer is one of the true icons not only for Rolex, but also for other watches. It is known for the adventurous spirit – this watch was worn by the climber who climbed Mt. Everest. It is rugged, but also precise and delicate time piece that can withstand harsh environment.

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