Must-Have Watch Styles In Your Collection

The Must-Have Watch Styles for Men’s, more than just an accessory or time telling gadget, is a machine that reflects your state. It’s very common among men that they keep on changing their watches as per the occasion and their outfit. Most of them also love to collect watches as a hobby. Watches are the only accessories a man can put on daily.

There are numerous thumb rules applicable for wearing watches as per the occasion – depending on whether it’s a party, lunch meeting, a simple morning jog or a picnic, the choices of watches hold significant values for any event or moment.

The watches with dazzling metal bands suit great for suits, while those with leather band and coloured dial best fits with business casuals or office formals. The one with canvas or rubber band can be best for weekend outing, movie or shopping.

This article lists out the 5 must-have watch styles in your collection. So, let us scroll down and get through the eminent collections without wasting any time.

A Dress Watch with a Black Leather Strap

Such watches are made for formal events like work, engaging parties, weddings etc. This watch style throws a gesture of class and is hence suitable for such occasions. Ensure that the dial or the face is not vibrantly coloured and do not forget to put on a matching belt and shoe to complement its classy combinations.

A Dress Watch with a Brown Leather Strap

Brown leather watches are best fit for semi-business settings and corporate casuals. They are mix of formal and casual outlook. They are highly common among business people. The strap is something that can very easily captivate one’s attention and the brown one does it all.

The Metal Dive Watch

Dive watches fall in the segment of rugged good looks section, utilitarian design, and high performing. These watches simply exude royal behaviour and are placed over a metal bracelet. They work as everyday wear and can suit any type of occasion. However, they look sharp with tuxedo and suits.

A Sport Watch with a Rubber Band

If you are a fitness crazy human, then you must look for a sports watch. As you may be very particular about the seconds, most of the sports watches also come with digital display to minutely record your physical activities. The rubber band is quite comfortable and light in weight.

The Everyday Casual Watch

Canvas and nylon banded watches are great accessories for running errands, weekends, brunch with pals etc. They will make you look casual and less stuffy. These watches can best fit your casual Friday.

These are top 5 watch styles that you must look forward while thinking about personal styling and fashion. Watches play an integral role in one’s personality, so these are some of the styles that will help to take your attire to the next level.

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